Zachary: Your Holiday Headquarters

Candy and holidays are meant for one another. At Zachary, we think memories of good times are even sweeter when candy’s involved. We offer an extensive collection of holiday-themed treats, from molded chocolates to candy corn and everything in between. You may even find some new sensations you didn’t expect, but must have for the season.

Take a look at our holiday collections. Don’t be surprised if your mouth starts to water! Contact Zachary Sales and let’s start some sweet talk!

Halloween is Coming!

Our Halloween collection is a “boo-tiful” thing! We have treats such as old-fashioned candy corn, gourmet flavored candy corn, sour jelly pumpkins, fall festival mix, and juju pumpkins. From candy dish candies to our Trick or Treat bag for handing out, we have a full range of products to fit all of your Halloween needs.
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