The Zachary Story Begins in the Candy Capital of the World

Although Zachary Confections is an Indiana-based company, our roots are planted deeply in the Candy Capital of the World, Chicago. By the early 1900’s, Chicago was home to more than 1,000 candy purveyors, and many iconic candy companies were born there.

The city maintained its sweet tooth, and in 1950, J.J. Zachary and his wife Helen founded Zachary Confections. We started out as a seasonal chocolate supplier, manufacturing solid and hollow milk chocolate bunnies and other seasonal novelties.

J.J. and Helen’s son, Jack, started as a salesman in 1959. His contribution in sales allowed our company to acquire other small manufacturers, and expand the capabilities and products offered by us.

In the early 80’s, the first family member of the third generation joined the company. Not long after that, Jack recognized the need for room to expand the growing business.

In 1984 Zachary completed its move to its present home in Frankfort Indiana. With more room to expand Zachary Confections began adding to its sweet lineup. Amongst other additions, cordial cherries were added to the lineup and furthered Zachary’s growth across the country. Not long after a chocolate panning department was set in motion and offerings were expanded to include very popular chocolate covered bridge mix, raisins, and peanuts.

In 2002, we expanded into the sugar confections business with the addition of candy corn and other mellow crème products. This offered further growth in our seasonal business, and the addition of jellies furthered our expansion as an everyday full service candy manufacturer.

Not long after the day to day leadership was handed off to the third generation of Zachary’s, we continue to pursue the dream to be the bridge to the fourth generation.

The Zachary management team continues to take advantage of opportunity and growth, supplying many of the largest retailers and specialty stores while proudly ensuring high quality standards of production and service on the 100% American made products that bear the Zachary name.