Frequently Asked Questions

Are all of your products made in the USA?

Zachary Confections can proudly say that all of our products are produced right here in Frankfort Indiana! We are among the largest family-owned confectionary companies in the United States.

What’s your best-selling candy?

That’s a tough call – everything we make is delicious! Of course, chocolate anything is a big seller. Our chocolate-dipped peanuts, raisins, caramels and bridge mix are very popular. But people are crazy about our candy corn, too! 

It’s really hard to find my favorite candy where I live. Can you tell me where to buy it?

We sure can! Email our Customer Service team and we’ll be happy to locate a store for you. Stay tuned! We will soon be selling many of our favorite confections in bulk right on our website! We’re talking lots of yum!

I am a huge fan of Zachary chocolate-covered anything. Can I buy direct from you?

If you’re traveling to Indiana, we invite you to visit our company Candy Shoppe, which is part of our headquarters located at 2130 West State Road 28, Frankfort, Indiana 46041. In the very near future, you will be able to buy your favorite confections, on our website.

Can I freeze my Zachary candies?

Of course! And that includes jellies and marshmallow-based products. Whether you like them frozen or just the way they are, they taste great either way!

How can I tell when my candy expires?

Hopefully, your candy will taste so good that it won’t last long. However, if you have questions or concerns with candy expiration, email our Quality Control team. We’ll be happy to help.

Do you have options for people with allergies or who require a gluten-free diet?

We understand how important it is for people to watch their diets based on medical conditions. Because of this, we encourage you to email our Customer Service team to see what options might work for you.

Do you give tours of your facility?

While we would love to welcome all of our fans, our facility was not created for public tours. Our candy-making operation is designed solely to produce delicious candy for customers like you, and to provide a safe and healthy workplace for our team. Please check the About section of our website, along with our Facebook page, for an inside look at Zachary Confections.

Zachary Confections sounds like a sweet place to work. Are you hiring?

Our company is pretty special! If you’re highly motivated, looking for a career rather than a job, and get excited when you think about candy, we encourage you to visit our Careers page!