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Valentines Day



Our Valentine product line offers traditional chocolate favorites, plus an assortment of Jelly and Mello Creme items that are perfect for that special someone. The Chocolate Lover can enjoy the Old fashioned Cherry Creme Hearts or a Valentine Chocolate Trio in a heart shaped tub. Those who crave more than chocolate, we offer Cinnamon and Cherry Jelly Hearts, Valentine Corn, Valentine Spice Drops, and a fun Valentine Mello Creme Mix.

Jellies & JuJu's
Cinnamon JuJu Hearts Tub   Cherry JuJu Hearts Tub   Cherry Jelly Hearts
Cherry JuJu Hearts   ss Cinnamon Jelly Hearts Tub   Valentine Spice Drops Tub
Cherry Jelly Hearts Tub   Valentines JuJu Hearts Tub      

Chocolate Items
gg Valentine Pretzels            

Candy Corn & Mello Creme
Valentine Mello-Creme Mix Tub   Valentine Corn Tub   s Valentine Mello Creme Mix Heart Tub
18-341 Large Mello Creme Hearts Tub