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Zachary Confections, Inc.
2130 West State Road 28
Frankfort, IN 46041

Toll Free: 800.445.4222
Fax: 765.659.1491

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you give tours of your facility? Unfortunately our facility was not created for touring purposes; it was created solely to produce the delicious candy we provide for for you. Some pictures can be found under the About us tab in the Photo Gallery for your viewing pleasure!

Are all of your products made in the USA? Here at Zachary Confections we can proudly say that all of our products are produced in USA right here in Frankfort Indiana!

How can I tell when my candy expires? If you have any questions or problems with candy expiration feel free to contact our Quality Control team by clicking our Contact tab.


Can you freeze the jelly products once bought? Of course! Whether you like them frozen or just the way they are, either way they taste great!

Do you make sugar-free candy? No, unfortunately we do not.

How to Buy:

Can I buy a retail product directly from you and have it shipped to me? Not just yet, that is something we are currently in the process of doing!

Do you have an outlet store or somewhere local where we can come buy candy? Yes, come visit us and get some mouth-watering candy from our Candy Shoppe at our location 2130 West State Road 28 Frankfort, IN 46041!

I want to buy a certain type of candy; can you tell me who sells it by me? Yes, the Contact tab will give you numbers and e-mails for people to reach here at our facility!

Do you sell tubs of just citrus jellies? Yes, they are called Citrus slices, and they are delicious!

Do you sell tubs of just "black" gumdrops? I know they are delicious, but we do not. We offer a liquorice flavored Black Cat JuJu around Halloween, and a Black Bear for everyday!