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It Takes More than a Sweet Tooth to Run a Chocolate Factory

You’ll find that there's something extra at Zachary Confections, a family owned, American company that’s been around for three generations.

We know our business, and more importantly, we work hard to understand yours. We strive to provide quality products, maintain strong customer relationships, and deliver outstanding service. And that sweet tooth hasn’t disappeared—we still have fun making quality confections. The management team feels strongly that the secret of our success begins with: family values, really great ingredients, very sharp eyes, and big, shiny machines.

Family Pride

Chicago, Illinois—1950. It was there that J.J. Zachary and his wife Helen founded Zachary Confections. Starting out as mainly a seasonal chocolate supplier, Zachary manufactured solid chocolate bunny rabbits and other seasonal novelties. Son Jack Zachary, who started as a territory salesman, became President in 1972. Jack led the move to Frankfort, Indiana in 1984 where he continued to grow the business. In years to come, Zachary added Cordial Cherries to become a major player in the seasonal business, a Panning Department to produce everyday items such as Bridge Mix and Chocolate Covered Raisins, and added a state-of-the-art kitchen and depositing system to produce Candy Corn and Mello Creme products in an effort to get into the Halloween market. In 2004, Jack became Chairmen of the Board and handed over the reigns to the third generation. The Zachary management team continues to take advantage of opportunity and growth, while proudly ensuring high quality standards of production and service on the products that bear their name.

Really Great Ingredients

It’s simple: great ingredients in, great products out. We don’t skimp on what goes into our confections and candy. All of our chocolate products are made with 100% real chocolate, a claim not all manufacturers can make. Our ingredients are safely stored to ensure their freshness. We use domestic suppliers for ingredients including sugar, corn syrup, peanuts and raisins. We also go the extra step and add real ingredients to our product for flavoring, such as real Honey in our Old Fashioned Candy Corn and Maple Syrup in our line of Maple items. Taking these important steps enable us to manufacture products that look great and taste even better.

Very Sharp Eyes

We keep a very careful eye on every ingredient that comes into our plant and every product that leaves. We use our own hoses and equipment to offload suppliers’ trucks. Samples of all ingredients received and of every product batch are sent for analysis to an independent lab. Our commitment to quality has driven us to allocate substantial resources to attain certian food safety certification from the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). GFSI is a leading global safety and quality certification program used throughout the world and establishes benchmarks for food safety.

Such sharp eyes can only come from experience. Our senior management staff are all long-term employees—some have been with Zachary over 20 years. Combine that with three generations of family leadership and its not surprising that Zachary is consistently awarded industry recognition for excellence in quality, safety, and innovative manufacturing.

Big Shiny Machines

Our top-of-the-line machinery and efficient production methods are the keys to Zachary’s reputation as a volume-value manufacturer. Our operations are highly automated and include a number of proprietary processes and exclusive custom-built equipment from all around the globe. Zachary has the largest and fastest creme production capability in the world. We can custom produce up to 10,000 pounds an hour—most manufacturers can’t even manage half that.